March-May 2021 Ashland’s at a Glance



  • 5 - Dancing with the Stars of Southeast Texas

  • 5-7 - LADM-Baton Rouge (AGE)

  • 8-11 - A/B Swap Week & Free Dress Week (Last one for the season)

  • 15-18 - No dance classes (Studio Spring Break)

  • 20 - April tuition due

  • 25 - Recital Program Ad Submission Deadline & Senior Info due to office (High School attending, After school plans, Years dancing with Ashland’s, Highlights, Favorite quote or scripture, etc.)

  • 26-28 - Groove Houston (AGE)

  • 29 - AGE Audition Forms Due

  • 29-31 - Possible Recital Packet/Ticket Voucher Pick-up Days (One adult on your account will need to sign for this. We will send out times & instructions soon. We will not be doing packet meetings this year. New families will be partnered with a dance family who has participated in our shows.)



  • TBA - We will be utilizing Fridays, Saturdays &/or Sunday afternoons to rehearse in April for all classes-Schedules TBA as we see what is needed.  (Your May tuition covers the cost of any additional rehearsals held in April & at the theatre)

  • TBA - Recital Picture/Pre-Registration Day (Will be during our modified schedule as seen below)

  • TBA - Summer Explosion Registration

  • TBA - Costume Distribution (More information will be released soon. We are still waiting on the costumes we had to re-order to replace costumes that weren’t going to be in in time due to Covid delays. We will not release them for sure until the middle of the month in order to give people time to pay final balances.)

  • 1-2 - Studio Closed (Holy Thursday/Good Friday)

  • 6 - Recital Shirt Order Forms Due

  • 5-8 - A/B Swap Week

  • 8 - Ashland’s Cup Sponsor Forms/Donations Due in order to be included in our 2021 Recital Program

  • 8-14 - Voucher Days at the Beaumont Civic Center Box Office (Ashland’s Families may use their vouchers to purchase tickets at a discounted rate before we open ticket sales to the general public)

  • 10 - May tuition & final balance payments due (Balance for year must be PIF to receive costumes.)

  • 9-11 - AGE Auditions (Invitation only-Ask office if interested. Forms due March 29th)

  • 15 - Ticket sales open to the general public at the box office and online through

  • 19 - Last Regular Class Day

  • 20-30 - Recital Prep/Modified Schedule at the Studio (Replaces regular class schedules—This schedule will be released about a week before it starts)

  • 23 (Date Not Confirmed) - Arc Style Show (AGE)

  • 24 (Date Not Confirmed) - Harbor Butterfly Release (AGE)

  • 29 - Deadline for Ashland’s Cup Scholarship Applications

  • TBA - AGE Meeting for 2021-2022 (This may move to May)



  • 1-14 - Recital Prep/Modified Schedule at the Studio

  • 15-16 -  Recital rehearsals and performances at the Julie Rogers Theatre (Keep BOTH days completely free…specific times TBA)

  • TBA - Senior Treat with Miss A (could pick another month)

  • TBA - Fall Pre-Registration for Current Families

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