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Community Involvement


Here at Ashland's Affirming Arts Studio, our motto is " Building Character, one STEP at a time." We take great care and pride in not only our students' dance education, but also in striving to help them learn to become responsible, hard-working, and caring individuals. We promote this not only in our students' classes here at the studio, but we also offer opportunites to reach out and help within their own community. 

The Ashland's Cup


We host events such as our annual Ashland's Cup fundraiser, which benefits the Ashland's Scholarship Fund, Buckner Children & Family Services, and the ARC of Greater Beaumont.

To learn more about how YOU can be involved,

please visit our page devoted to

The Ashland's Cup




Nursing Home Performances

If you are interested in Ashland's Graceful Expressions performing for your loved ones at their nursing home, click HERE!

nursing homem 7
nursing home 9
nursing home 8
nursing home 6
nursing home 5
nursing home 4
nursing home 3
nursing home 2
nursing home 1


ARC Classes
Other Activities

We have been given the opportunity to continue to support our ARC family by volunteering and participating in the ARC Buddy Walk and the ARC Style Show.

To learn more about The ARC of Greater Beaumont, please visit their website at:


buddy walk 20-6
buddy walk 20-4
buddy walk 20-2
buddy walk 20-1
buddy walk 20
arc christmas 19-8
arc christmas 19-7
arc christmas 19-6
arc christmas 19-5
arc christmas 19-4
arc christmas 19-3
arc christmas 19-2
arc christmas 19-1
Arc christmas 19
buddy walk '16 5
buddy walk '16 4
buddy walk '16 3
buddy walk '16 2
buddy walk '16


The City of Sour Lake



We also embrace opportunities to spread our wonderful dancers' God-given talents throughout our community through performances such as the City of Sour Lake's Christmas on the Square and Trunk or Treat.

sl christmas 19-10
sl christmas 19-9
sl christmas 19-8
sl christmas 19-7
sl christmas 19-5
sl christmas 19-4
sl christmas 19-3
sl christmas 19-2
sl christmas 19-1
sl christmas 19
trunk or treat 20-8
trunk or treat 20-7
trunk or treat 20-6
trunk or treat 20-5
trunk or treat 20-4
trunk or treat 20-3
trunk or treat 20-2
trunk or treat 20-1
trunk or treat 20
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