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Don't let us do all the talking...

Hear what our customers are saying!

“I like dancing at Ashland’s because there are a lot of good dance teachers, and I like that everyone is so close and nice.  I also like dancing here because if you don’t understand a step in a dance, they will break it down and explain it as many times as you need them to.”


Ella, age 11

“I like to dance at Ashland’s because it feels like home or a family.  The people here are so supportive and keep me going.”


Abbi, age 13

“We love Ashland’s because they really help each dancer grow and learn not just the dance moves, but about being respectful and Godly at all times.  I personally appreciate how y’all keep everything age appropriate from the dancing to the costumes so I never have to worry about my girl!  From day one, you have all been friendly, helpful and patient!  We love y’all!”


Crystal, mother of Lucy, age 10

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