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Reasons To Choose Us...



We promote positive attitudes and strive to build each student's self-esteem.  We have programs for those who wish to compete as well as the recreational dancer.



Our instructors are experienced and well-liked by our students, and our friendly office staff is always available during class times to assist you.



We are constantly coming up with new ideas and ways to meet our students' needs.  We also nurture our students' creativity.


We schedule many popular classes back-to-back.  We offer dancewear on-site for reasonable prices. We take cash, checks, and most major credit cards, as well as accept payments online. 


Our Ashland’s motto is “Building Character One STEP at a Time,” and our mission is to support that motto in all we do!  Our purpose is to help each dancer achieve excellence in dance and a positive self-esteem by nurturing him or her in a structured and loving environment that instills good values, while enhancing each student’s unique gifts in a well-rounded program!  Our Ashland’s Family strives to provide our dancers tools that will carry them through life and into a world beyond our studio doors that isn’t always so kind. Ashland’s Affirming Arts Studio, Inc. is  committed to our dancers and our community to provide a safe place that feels like home, with God at the center, and never sacrificing that just to follow popular trends that don’t follow His path and the purpose to which we are called.

A Note From Miss Ashley


On a personal note, I know there are numerous studios in which to choose from in Beaumont.  We all have a little something different to offer.  Our motto at Ashland’s is “Building Character One Step at a Time.”  We take great care and pride in not only our students’ dance education, but also in striving to help them learn to become responsible, hard-working, and caring individuals.  As a parent of two children, I find a great sense of peace and comfort knowing they are receiving this encouragement and example at home and in their dance education program.  I hope you find our studio warm and welcoming, and somewhere in which your dancers will be excited to be a part! 






Ashley D. Landry-Breaux





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